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Below you will find all Wayland teams.

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Gender Age 
Division Section
Team Field Coach Assistant Coach
Girls 8 2/E Wildcats Town Building #1 Ed Warner Laura Martins
Girls 8 3/D Raiders Town Building #1 Eric Bell Amy ODonnell
Girls 8 4/D2 Warriors Town Building #1 Barry Snyder Chris Munford
Girls 8 4/D2 Strikers Town Building #1 Ruben Comettant Craig Wrentmore
Girls 6 2/A2 Rockets Alpine Field #2 Timothy Newton Brad Duffy
Girls 6 3/B Lightning Alpine Field #2 Jorge Fuentes Anthony DAmico
Girls 6 4/E Thunder Alpine Field #2 Corrie Dretler Carolina Kotzampaltris
Girls 5 1/A Warriors Alpine Field #2 Christopher Green Nikki Bartlett
Girls 5 3/C Tigers Claypit Hill #8 Russ Corsini Austin Ulep
Girls 5 4/C2 United Claypit Hill #8 Jeffrey Bergeron Elizabeth Garcia
Girls 4 2/D Nutmeggers Claypit Hill #5 Cindy Reardon Pamela Roman
Girls 4 3/K2 Orange Crush Claypit Hill #5 Christopher Greeley Lisa Raftery
Girls 4 4/C1 Wolves Claypit Hill #6 Bryan Mueller Robert Stefancik
Boys 8 2/B Warriors Town Building #1 Reed Newton Terry Wong
Boys 8 3/D2 United High School Turf #4 Tim Sheehan Thad Reece
Boys 8 3/K FC High School Turf #4 Prasad Parulekar Andrew ORourke
Boys 8 4/F United FC High School Turf #4 Kambiz Maali Eric Bennett
Boys 8 4/H Revolution High School Turf #4 Alexander Reynolds Kevin Pletta
Boys 6 2/A Benfica Alpine Field #2 Michael Martins Christopher Pordage
Boys 6 3/E Revolution Alpine Field #2 Craig Tobe Glenn Williams
Boys 6 4/C Sporting Alpine Field #2 David Spencer Thomas Riera
Boys 5 2/A2 Warriors Alpine Field #2 Peter Caputa Prasad Parulekar
Boys 5 4/A FC Lightning Claypit Hill #8 Joseph Schwendt Matthew McCormack
Boys 5 4/D Thunder Claypit Hill #8 Kate Smith Richard Ciccarelli
Boys 4 2/C Strikers Claypit Hill #5 Carlos Villatoro Ketan Bhukhanwala
Boys 4 2/F Warriors Claypit Hill #5 Peter Klautky Frank Huang
Boys 4 3/H Revolution Claypit Hill #6 Nick Haddad None
Boys 4 3/J Galaxy Claypit Hill #6 Jesse Burke-Rosser Brad Duffy




Intramural Schedules (K - 3rd Grade)

You can find below the schedules & the maps of the fields so you can locate your games

Middle School Field Map (K-2)

Claypit Hill School Map (Grade 3)


Girls Boys
Kindergarten Kindergarten
1st Grade 1st Grade
2nd Grade 2nd Grade
3rd Grade 3rd Grade