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Spring 2017 Practice Schedule - BAYS teams (TBD)


****************To be Determined***************************


We have a new easy way for you to find alternative practice slots and you don't have to wait for an answer.  If the slot is open just reserve it and it's yours.

Just look at the Doodle poll and scroll across to find an open slot.  If you are permanently giving up a slot please edit your entry so that you free it up for others to use.

Here is the link: http://doodle.com/poll/XXX


BAYS Team Schedules

Click on the team name below to go to the BAYS website and view the teams schedule, division, scores, and standings.


Gender Age 
Division Section
Team Field Coach Assistant Coach
Girls 10 1/A1 WarriorsD2 Alpine Field #2 Reed Newton None
Girls 8 2/B Wildcats Alpine Field #2 Terry Wong David Gavron
Girls 8 3/A Galaxy Alpine Field #2 Brad Mastrangelo Michael Wegerbauer
Girls 8 3/F Raiders Town Building #1 Vasu Nagalingam William Morrison
Girls 8 4/C1 Strikers Town Building #1 Michael Griffin Kevin Pletta
Girls 8 4/C2 Warriors Alpine Field #2 Stephen Simmons Beth Martens
Girls 6 2/E Gunners Town Building #1 Ed Warner Caeli Rubens
Girls 6 3/M1 Rockets Town Building #1 Barry Snyder Holly Landsittel
Girls 5 2/C Gunners Town Building #1 Laura Martins David Raftery
Girls 5 3/B Revolution Town Building #1 Eric Bell Michael Yaffe
Girls 5 3/G Rampage Claypit Hill #8 Matthew McCormack Nancy Peter
Girls 5 4/A Rockets Claypit Hill #8 Jonathan Glazer Seth Roman
Girls 4 2/D Rockets Claypit Hill #5 Brad Duffy Timothy Newton
Girls 4 2/D Lightning Claypit Hill #5 Liza Knapp Liz McQuilkin
Girls 4 4/A Thunder Claypit Hill #6 Corrie Dretler Susan Garfield
Girls 4 4/A Rovers Claypit Hill #6 Anthony DAmico Mark Daly
Girls 3 3/B Warriors Claypit Hill #5 Christopher Green Nikki Bartlett
Girls 3 3/E Lightning Bolts Claypit Hill #5 Evan Maddocks Austin Ulep
Girls 3 3/F United Claypit Hill #6 Russ Corsini Christopher Barletta
Boys 12 2/A United Alpine Field #2 Terry Wong Stephen Geiger
Boys 10 3/A Warriors Alpine Field #2 Barry Snyder Michael Wegerbauer
Boys 8 2/E Wolverines High School Turf #4 Ketan Bhukhanwala Sarthak Das
Boys 8 3/C Real Wayland High School Turf #4 Dan Carpenter Corky Mittelsteadt
Boys 8 4/A United High School Turf #4 Martin Pralle Aidan Garagic
Boys 8 4/C Galaxy High School Turf #4 David Spencer Yang Wang
Boys 6 2/F Warriors Alpine Field #2 Stephen Prince Paul Nechipurenko
Boys 6 3/G Strikers Town Building #1 John Evangelista Kevin Murphy
Boys 6 4/D2 Rockets Town Building #1 Ani Weling Chris Munford
Boys 5 2/A Warriors Town Building #1 Reed Newton Terry Wong
Boys 5 3/C1 Revolution Town Building #1 Reed Newton Thad Reece
Boys 5 4/B Panthers Claypit Hill #8 Kambiz Maali Alexander Reynolds
Boys 5 4/B Spartans Claypit Hill #8 David Altreuter Ian Lane
Boys 4 2/F Gunners Claypit Hill #9 Paul Nechipurenko Paolo Narvaez
Boys 4 2/H Rovers Claypit Hill #9 Michael Martins David Gavron
Boys 4 4/A Wolf Pack Claypit Hill #11 Steven Hage David Spencer
Boys 4 4/A Strikers Claypit Hill #11 Thomas Riera Craig Tobe
Boys 3 2/D Warriors Claypit Hill #5 Prasad Parulekar Peter Klautky
Boys 3 3/B Smashers Claypit Hill #5 Peter Caputa Scott Walters
Boys 3 3/K Atomic Fireballs Claypit Hill #6 Greg Smith James Hammond




Spring 2017 Intramural Schedules (TBD)

You can find below the schedules & the maps of the fields so you can locate your games


Spring 2017 Girls - Grade K

Spring 2017 Girls - Grade 1

Spring 2017 Girls - Grade 2


Spring 2017 Boys - Grade K

Spring 2017 Boys - Grade 1

Spring 2017 Boys - Grade 2



Middle School Field Map